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What will my patch coasters look like?

  "What are you going to do to MY patches?!?!"    Click here to order!

I definitely understand you don't want to send in your patches unless you are confident in how they will be handled.  I'd be pretty upset if I sent in my patches and had them returned, trapped in some clunky polyurethane block from the '70s. So, to your questions...the process:

When Patch Monkey receives your patches, they are individually handcrafted into 
high-quality drink coasters. The embroidered front side is treated with a water-resistant fabric protective coating. This does not significantly harden the patch; it just makes it more spill resistant.  After this three-step process, the treated patch is set on one of several different bases, depending on the backing of the patch.

Velcro-backed patches go though one process. Non-velcro patches go through a different process. The base is about 3/8 of an inch thick – just enough to keep the drink off the table and has a scratch-free felt-like backing on the bottom. The patch coaster base is then meticulously individually trimmed to match the patch outline.

The end result is a patch coaster that looks and feels authentic, because it is! A finished Patch Monkey is a very functional, high-quality drink coaster, but it is still unmistakably a patch!                                                    Click here to order!