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Patch Coasters of the Month!

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These patches have stories to tell, for sure!  Whether your story starts with "No kidding, this is the truth..." or it's a sanitized version you can tell your kids or mom, there is no better way to get the story rolling than with a set of custom drink coasters! Keep sending in those great collections in and you'll have terric mementos you'll love! Click here to order yours now!

Police and fire uniform patches make outstanding mementos of service,

 too!  Whether for retirement, career milestones or any gift occasion,

Patch Monkey patch coasters are a great way to honor a job well done.

Your patches have a story too.  Get 'em out of that box in the closet and

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For a terrific end of tour or retirement gift, click here!  Patch Monkey has the ultimate conversation piece for your living room coffee table...Drink coasters made from your personal patches!  Patch Monkey also make the highest quality custom patches.  Check out the custom patch page and get started.