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         The One-Pager for Teenage Boys


Don’t screw around with:  electricity, ANYTHING plugged in.  Drinking and driving—ANY AMOUNT, DRUGS, guns

Some things aren’t funny.  Don’t kid about:  Murder, rape, suicide, school shootings, any kind of violence against yourself, animal cruelty, terrorism, bombs, bombings,  minorities, handicapped,drugs, family abuse, wife abuse

Don’t:  get in a car with an idiot—ever.  They don’t care about your life.  Walk home.  If he gives you endless crap about it, kick his butt, right then and there.  He’ll never try to pull your punk card again.   Don’t talk about a girl in an unbecoming way around your friends—what happens between you and her is between you and her.   Don’t try to make someone look bad—let them do that on their own.  Don’t point it out, either.

When in doubt, SHUT YOUR MOUTH.  Say something if you have something to say, but don’t say something because you are nervous, want to impress someone, etc.  If every time you open your mouth something smart or useful comes out, people will start to figure out you are someone who should be listened to.

RESPECT.  You can’t make someone respect you.  You can’t get respect unless you respect yourself.  You can’t respect yourself unless you first respect others.  If you screw that order up, you probably have bravado, fear or egotism, but not respect.  Know the difference between those things.

Be a good friend.  Also know that you can’t save someone from themselves, but you can get dragged down with them and that is not a good thing.

The next time you feel like not telling the truth consider this:  Do you think that person thinks you never make mistakes?  Which is worse, having made a mistake or being untrustworthy?

Never risk someone else’s life unless you have their permission.

Bad news doesn’t get better with age.  Someone is ALWAYS looking.  Sometimes it’s just you and God.

The Positives

Go find out what you can see from the top of that mountain.  Do it today.  Be yourself.  Put yourself in the other guy’s shoes.  Compliment people as often as you can.  Don’t think about why you can’t; think about how you WILL.  Give your mom a hug.  Teach your little brothers and sisters something.  Play video games and watch TV, but remember; every minute in front of that screen is another shooting star or grizzly bear you didn’t see.  Always strive to be a solid American man and NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR IT!

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