Patch Monkey
"Every patch has a story..."


"I ordered patches from you a couple of weeks ago while my unit was forward deployed and I would like to say thanks from all of us for such a great quality patch. Everyone loved them and said how nice they were. Thank you again and I will recommend your company to anyone and everyone that would like to have patches made."--  Cpl "M."  USMC

It couldn't be easier!

Patch Monkey designs and makes the absolute highest quality custom morale and official uniform patches.  Patch Monkey will work closely with you to design and produce those historical, memorable and sometimes hilarious morale and det patches.

Email and let's get started!

We use only the best materials and all of our patches are 100% embroidered--no flimsy cloth interior field.  We can also ship them to you with a velcro backing already on them so they are ready to go straight on your uniform.

Send us your patch design and specifications and we'll create a great patch to tell your story...

Attention coffee mess officers and Snack O's!  Let Patch Monkey provide your unit patches, too.  We are a one-stop shop for all of your patch needs and our customer service is unbeatable!

Email and let's get started!